MACS Professional Examination

MACS holds Professional Examinations twice a year, in June and December. The examination is regulated entirely by the Association’s Council and Senate with examiners from local universities and institutions of higher learning. The Board of Examiners comprising professors and senior lecturers of repute who have had the experience of moderating examinations of similar or higher standard.

The examinations are conducted in English language. The dates of MACS Professional Examinations are announced in the Association’s official journal ‘The Malaysian Corporate Secretary Journal’ or by circular.

Examination Contents
The Association sets the professional examinations and maintains the standard. The syllabus covers professional subjects in business management, business law, financial accounting, financial management, taxation, company & securities law, corporate secretarial practice, professional practice & ethics and related subjects to ensure that a student who has completed the examinations is competent to discharge the duties of a company secretary.

Examination Structure and Standard
The Professional Examinations are set in three stages with six (6) subjects in Foundation Stage, four (4) subjects in Pre-Professional Stage and six (6) subjects in Professional Stage. A candidate must have successfully completed all papers or gained exemption thereof from the Foundation and Pre-Professional Stages before the Professional Stage can be attempted.

The Professional Stage is examined at standards which are equivalent to an honour degree and is comparable both in depth and scope to a professional business management programme which is conducted by local or overseas universities. The syllabus is designed to ensure that our students who have completed the examinations are competent to discharge the duties of a company secretary.

(Announcement on 29 January 2007)

All Associate Members and Registered Students admitted before 1 January 2007 will be given a transitional period of two (2) years (i.e. four (4) sittings commencing from the June 2008 sitting) to complete the old syllabus. Associate Members and Registered Students who have not passed the old examination syllabus after the December 2009 sitting would be required to sit for the new examination syllabus.

Associate Members and Registered Students who admitted after the 1 January 2007 will be examined under the new syllabus.

The examination structure (w.e.f. June 2008 sitting) is as follows: -

The Association is progressively engaged in the development of the following activities :

Paper 1.0 - Malaysian Economics and Business Environment
Paper 2.0 - Quantitative Analysis
Paper 3.0 - Business Communication

Paper 7.0 - Business Organisation and Management
Paper 8.0 - Human Resource and Industrial Relations

Paper 9.0 - Malaysian Business Law
Paper 10.0 - Malaysian Taxation I

Paper 11.0 - Company Accounts and Reporting
Paper 12.0 - Malaysian Taxation II
Paper 13.0 - Financial Management

Paper 14.0 - Professional Practice and Ethics
Paper 15.0 - Company Secretarial Practice
Paper 16.0 - Malaysian Company & Securities Law