How To Register As A Student
An application for registration as a student must be made in the prescribed form. An applicant must satisfy the Council that:
(i) He or she is not less than 18 years of age
(ii) Holds any of the prescribed educational or professional qualification, &
(iii) Be engaged in company secretarial work or full-time study for the Association’s Examination in the approved local Universities or Institutions of higher learning.

All applicants must comply with the regulations set forth in the application form and must pay their entrance, registration and annual fees before being enrolled as a Registered Student.
A Registered Student shall not be entitled to any voice or vote in the management of the Association.

The Council may at its discretion grant exemption for certain subjects of the Professional Examinations to candidates who have passed the final examinations of recognised professional bodies or hold degrees or diploma in accounting, finance, economics or business management from universities or institutions of higher learning approved by the Council.

Associate Members of the Association shall be granted exemptions for the Foundation and Pre-Professional Stages of the examination and are required to complete the Professional Stage before the application for upgrading to full membership of the Association.

As a general guide, no exemptions shall be granted for any subject from the Professional Stage. However, the Council may, on case by case basis, grant complete exemption from Professional Stage to members of other professional bodies which are recognised under Section 139A(a) of the Companies Act, 2016, or graduates of relevant degrees from local universities.

Further information can be obtained from the Association’s Secretariat provided all relevant particulars are furnished to the Secretariat to enable a preliminary assessment to be made on the extent of the exemptions to be granted.

Any decision on exemptions is final and the Council will not entertain any further correspondence relating to any decision made on such exemptions.

Applicants are advised to submit their application for exemptions for consideration as soon as it is practical to do so. Exemption fees on each subject exempted shall be payable upon approval by the council.

Examination / Exemption Fee

• Foundation Stage

RM 50.00 / subject

• Pre-Professional Stage

RM 55.00 / subject

• Professional StageRM 60.00 / subject