MACS has its main objectives of promoting, improving, upgrading and advancing the professional status of company secretaries in Malaysia.

To accomplish that, MACS has been and will continue to: -

1.Seek to protect the investing public from corporate fraud through the provision of proper professional advice and guidance.
2.Seek legal recognition for company secretaries to be recognised in law as a professional person;
3.Provide a platform for the development of corporate legislations;
4.Develop standards in company secretarial practice and administration for the purpose of introduction as Recommended Standard Practices.
5.Form a resource centre for research and development on company law and company secretarial practice.

The Association is progressively engaged in the development of the following activities :

1.To provide an avenue for company secretaries to get together to improve and advance their status;
2.To provide opportunities for ambitious young Malaysians to qualify as company secretaries by conducting professional examination in company secretaryship;
3.To hold seminars, conferences and forums for the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge and information in connection with the profession of company secretaryship;
4.To represent the profession in dialogues and discussions with government authorities and other professional organisations in matters of corporate legislations or other enactments;
5.To operate and maintain a wide range of membership services to members including a resource and information centre, recruitment services, career advice, periodical newsletter of journal, social activities and other activities beneficial in one way or another;
6. To promote the profession to both the government, private sector and the public;
7.To forecast and plan the future of the profession in Malaysia.