As a professional body, the Association seeks to serve the needs of members and the various sectors of society, in particular, the corporate sector. Therefore, all Members and Registered Students are required to keep abreast of current developments in the country, in particular the changing economics, social and corporate environment, standards and regulations and company legislations.

Members and Students Facilities

The Association has set up a library at the Secretariat. It is hoped that members of the Association who are able will contribute towards the establishment of the library as a centre for research in company secretarial matters.

Malaysian Company Law Review
The Association through its Practising & Technical Committee will continue to make official representations to the Companies Commission of Malaysia on issues relating the corporate sector and any proposed amendment to the Malaysian Companies Act.

Journal and Technical Circular
The Association’s official journal ‘The Malaysian Corporate Secretary Journal’ is published quarterly. The Journal contains news, articles and features on technical and professional subjects which are of interests to members and Registered Students.

In addition, a Technical Circular to Members will be issued from time to time to keep members abreast of recent amendments of company legislations and the development in corporate matters relating to corporate secretarial and professional practice.

Professional Indemnity Insurance
The Council recognizes the growing concern and awareness among the public of their legal rights and would therefore strongly urge all practising members to take up professional indemnity insurance as a means of assurance that their firms do have adequate resources to settle any liabilities or losses which may incur in the event of accidental claim shall happen in future by their clients due to the acts of negligence, errors or omissions in the course of their work.

There are three (3) plans here which are currently offered are :-

Limit of Imdemnity

Annual Premium


RM 150,000

RM 350.00


RM 200, 000

RM 450.00


RM 250, 000

RM 550.00

* The above rates are subject to 5% Service Tax and RM10.00 stamp duty.

Members are free to choose policies from other insurance companies if they wish.

Members who wish to take up the professional indemnity insurance can obtain a copy of the proposal form from the Secretariat.

MACS Building Fund
The Association has set up a building fund known as the MACS Building Fund in year 2005 with the aim to acquire a building to accommodate MACS official operating unit including a resource and information centre. All contributions to the Fund are welcomed.

In order to secure a proper management to the MACS Building Fund, the fund is currently maintained in a separate bank account named “MACS Building Fund” and shall be used for the purpose of purchasing MACS building only.

Members of the Association are hereby cordially invited to contribute voluntarily donations for the said fund. All cheques/drafts should be made payable to “MACS Building Fund”.

The Council strongly believes that MACS will be able to acquire a building to accommodate its official operating unit in the near future if members give full support to the movement.