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MACS Tax Administrators Scheme

The Malaysian Association of Company Secretaries (MACS) has launched a Special Scheme on 24th March, 2007, called the MACS Tax Administrators Scheme, with the objective of registering, maintaining and grading of members of the Association who practise/undertake/provide taxation (direct or indirect) services to the public.

The Association has been recognized by the Treasury of the Ministry of Finance Malaysia on 21st February, 2007 for members of MACS who hold a law degree (di peringkat ijazah pertama) from a public or private university recognized by the Government and with not less than 5 years’ practical experience in private or public sector relating to taxation, is eligible to apply for a Tax Agent Licence under Section 153(3) ITA, 1967.


Members of the Association who practise/undertake/provide taxation (direct or indirect) services to the public may join the MACS Tax Administrators Scheme.

In order to register with the MACS Tax Administrators Scheme, you must:-

(1) Hold a valid Section 153 (ITA) Tax Licence issued by the Treasury of Malaysia or be the holder of any PSD recognized Degrees/Professional Qualifications for the purpose of meeting the requirements of Section 153 (ITA) Tax Licensing;

(2) Provide written evidence that you have had not less than five (5) years of taxation experience in practice/employment in Malaysia; and

Upon registration with the Scheme, you must:-

(3) Agree to maintain an adequate level of Professional Indemnity Insurance cover as determined by the Association;

(4) Agree to undertake a minimum of thirty (30) CPD Hours of topics of taxation each year; and

(5) Agree to abide by the Association’s Guidelines and Code of Ethics.

The Taxation Practice Committee of the Association may require an applicant before joining the MACS Tax Administrators Scheme to undergo such training courses programme and interviews as the Committee may determine.

Complusary CPD Hours For Members

To nurture high quality of membership and to inculcate professionalism in the company secretaries in Malaysia, the Association has imposed a mandatory Continuing Professional Development hours for members of the Association who practice under Section 139A with effect from 1st January 2006. Members of the Association who practice under Section 139A shall undertake to accumulate the minimum 16 CPD hours per year. At least 50 per centum (50%) of the accumulated CPD hours must be from approved courses and seminars relevant to the company secretarial practice.

The guideline for the CPD hours are as follows:-

Type of Activities
No. of CPD hours
CPD Courses convention and seminars organised by MACS or by MACS jointly with other professional bodies or by other organisations endorsed by MACS.  
4 CPD for half day
8 CPD for full day
CPD courses & Conferences organised by relevant authorities/ other professional bodies prescribed under Section 139A(a)  
4 CPD for half day
8 CPD for full day
Evening tea talk / workshops organised by MACS  
Minimum 2 hours
Official dialogues/meetings with Government authorities  
Minimum 2 hours
Courses and Conference organised by other accredited organisations.  
4 CPD for half day
8 CPD for full day
Suitable courses run by a university or appropriate institution  
8 CPD per day


Company Secretarial Practice courses run by a firm in public practice, by an industrial company or other business organisation.  
Subject to MACS approval
Writing of technical articles, papers or books  
Subject to MACS approval
Performing as a lecturer, speakers or discussion leader on a structured course (repeat presentations of the course should not be considered for this purpose).  
Subject to MACS approval
Attendance at Annual General Meetings, Extraordinary General Meetings, Standing Committee meetings, Regional Committee meetings and Members’ Dialogues of the MACS will entitle the member to obtain a maximum of 2 CPD hours for each occasion.  
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